CCOFFA is no longer needed

The California Coalition of Foster Family Agencies (CCOFFA) was formed in 2006 with the intent of trying to create resource parent rights legislation.  It ended up that it was much easier and more effective to work with CCL directly than try to create legislation.  

15 years ago, the FFAs direct access to CCL (and CDSS) was pretty limited and CCOFFA tried to bridge that gap.  In essence, CCOFFA became a “hometown newspaper” for FFAs that didn’t have access to current information.  CCOFFA was very involved during the development and implementation of CCR and RFA.  In the years since, CCL and CDSS have greatly increased their interactions and accessibility to the FFAs.  With COVID and the conversion to using virtual platforms such as Zoom, CCL and CDSS have become very skilled and inclusive in communicating directly with the FFAs.

As such, CCOFFA has become less and less needed.  Therefore. as of today, April 28, 2021, COFFA is functionally closing its doors.  It has been a privilege and joy to work with the FFA industry over the last 15 years.  I continue to work for an FFA and will do so for some time yet. 

Thank you to all CCOFFA members and the help you have been to the industry over the years.

Jerry JohnsonCCOFFA

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