Foster care bills

The following is a list of bills in the California legislature related to some aspect of foster care, adoption, and the rights of youth in care:

AB 1416 (Dababneh) would give foster youth the opportunity to provide direct feedback about the quality of care they are receiving in their homes and from their caregivers

AB 217 (Maienschein): youth rights in juvenile court hearings
AB 302 (Garcia): lactating parenting youth in schools
AB 379 (Gordon): educational rights and school placement decisions
AB 381 (Calderon): relative placement preference
AB 423 (Cooley): relative caregiver equity
AB 519 (McCarty): youth permanency
AB 703 (Bloom): attorney qualifications
AB 854 (Weber): LCFF/FYS alignment and support
SB 12 (Beall): AB 12 clean-up
SB 124 (Leno): juvenile solitary confinement
SB 238 (Mitchell and Beall): part of the psychotropic medication bill package
SB 253 (Monning): part of the psychotropic medication bill package
SB 319 (Beall): part of the psychotropic medication bill package
SB 484 (Beall): part of the psychotropic medication bill package
SB 592 (Leyva): dating abuse prevention in schools
SB 731 (Leno): rights for transgender foster youth
Also, here is a link to a website that shares federal bills regarding foster care and adoption:


6 thoughts on “Foster care bills”

    1. The reg you are looking for is 89228 (a) (1) “For licenses granted after January 1, 2010, this number (capacity) shall not exceed six children, including a (foster) “child” and biolgical, adoptive, and guardianship children.

      CCL is allowing a grandfathering of families that currently have more than 6 children, but as children leave, they will not be able to increase the number again above the 6. There could be exceptions for up to a total of 8 for sib sets.

      Jerry Johnson

    1. Yes, the 6 children rule still applies. NMDs, although legally adults, are still dependents, so count as children placed.

      Jerry Johnson

    1. I apologize for not responding sooner. I have been out of my office quite a bit.

      The maximum allowable number of children in a home is 6. CCL can approve more (such as going from 5 to 7) if it involves a sibling set. However, with 6 children already in the home, it is illegal for you to take more.

      Jerry Johnson

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