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American Red Cross and the National Swimming Pool Foundation now offer a 2 hour online pool maintenance and safety course, with certificate, for $19.95.  There are many areas throughout the state where water safety classes are not available.  When CCL has been asked about what constitutes an acceptable water safety course, they have repeatedly stated that the regs require a water safety certificate; there are no regulatory stipulations regarding what the training includes.  So, to date, they have been willing to accept any water safety certificate.  To access the online training, click on the following link:


It’s finally summer, and my kids and I could not be more excited! Our favorite activity by far when the weather is nice is heading to the neighborhood pool. As any parent knows, though, if our family doesn’t practice swimming safety, a day at the pool can quickly turn dangerous. With that in mind, I’ve been writing guest articles for sites like yours that discuss drowning prevention and general pool safety (I’d be happy to write a free one for you, too!), and I’ve come across a lot of great information. I’ve started putting together a list of what I think contains the best advice, and it’s yours to use on one of your resource pages, if you’d like:

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Keeping Your Dog Safe When You Have a Pool

Take Note of Water Safety for Older Adults

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    1. is an online American Red Cross water safety course that foster parents can take for $19.95. At the end of the course, a completion certificate can be printed out. CCL has accepted this training since it is American Red Cross and it deals with this typical water safety classes don’t, such as handling and storing pool chemicals.

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