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Below you will find a variety of items with helpful information, including the FOSTER SHARE newsletters that CCOFFA gave to each of our state legislators, foster parents rights and foster parent code of ethics, budget cutting tips, CCL contact information, etc.


The following is some critical information from ADVOKIDS about the JV290 – the Caregivers Information Form:

As we all know, under Welfare and Institutions Code Section 366.21(c), county social workers are mandated to file a report to the court 10 days prior to all review hearings. The reports must contain information regarding the services provided or offered to the parent and the efforts made to achieve legal permanence for the child if efforts to reunify fail, the progress made; and, where relevant, the prognosis for return of the child to the physical custody of his or her parent or legal guardian. The law also requires county social workers to make a recommendation for disposition.

Foster Family Agencies are also mandated to file a report with the court under Welfare and Institutions Code Section 366.21(d), which states:

Prior to any hearing involving a child in the physical custody of a community care facility or a foster family agency that may result in the return of the child to the physical custody of his or her parent or legal guardian, or in adoption or the creation of a legal guardianship, the facility or agency shall file with the court a report or a Judicial Council Caregiver Information Form (JV-290), containing its recommendation for disposition.

Foster Family Agencies have the option to use the JV-290 when completing their mandatory report. As stated on the JV-290-INFO form:

Foster family agencies or community care facilities: You may complete this form and use it as the mandatory report required by Welfare and Institutions Code section 366.21. It is recommended that each agency or facility develop a policy about who is responsible for filling out and filing the form or report on behalf of each child.

Recommendation for Disposition (Outcome). If you are a community care facility or foster family agency, you must include your recommendation for disposition if the JV-290 form is being used as your report required under Welfare and Institutions Code section 366.21(d).

Too often, the court lacks critical information about our children in foster care which the FFA is uniquely qualified to provide, concerning the child’s needs, services, and placement. The FFA is also uniquely qualified to make recommendations to the court to assist with the difficult issues around reunification and permanency planning.

When Foster Family Agencies weigh in at every review hearing with thoughtful, comprehensive reports, judges have a much broader, factual, and child-focused perspective which allows them to make thoughtful, factually based decisions considering all of the information available.

It is only when all the providers and professionals in the child’s life fully and honestly provide their information and assessments to the court that the court has any chance of making the kind, caring, intelligent, and informed decisions that we all want for the children in care.

That is why the law requires periodic FFA reports to the court just as it requires periodic SSA reports to the court.

CCOFFA NOTE: The JV290 (link: is designed to give the court a “snapshot” of the child’s current life as seen by the people who spend the most time with them – the foster parents.  It is critical that the foster parents stick to facts; the JV290 should NOT be used to criticize the county, the birth parents, or anyone else.  It would be best if a foster parent fills out the JV290, and the FFA reviews (and if necessary edits) the document before submitting it.  The form DOES ask for a recommendation for disposition and the foster parents are to simply share their recommendation without sounding judgmental or self-serving (“Keeping the kid just for the money”).  If you need further advice on how to handle the JV290, you can call ADVOKIDS at 1-877-ADV4KID.

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