Membership List

142 CCOFFA members (135 FFAs, 7 other service agencies in italics)


3 Angels Children & Family Services

A Coming of Age FFA

A New Beginning FFA

ABC Foster Family Agency

A Brighter Childhood FFA

Abrazo Foster Family Agency

Abriter Foster Family Agency

Advantage Foster Family Agency

Agape Villages FFA

Alpha Treatment Centers

American Indian Child Resource Center FFA

Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara

Angels Foster Family Network

Ark Homes Foster Family Agency

Arrowhead Foster Family Agency

Aspiranet (San Bernardino)

Aspire Hope, Inc.

Atkinson Youth Services

Avant-Garde Foster Family Agency

Aviva Foster Family and Adoption

Beta Foster Care

Bethany Christian Services

Better Choices, Inc./Ready for Life FFA

Bienvenidos FFA

Bright Horizons FFA

Building Bridges FFA

California Youth Advocate Program

Central Valley Foster Care

Charlee Family Care FFA

Childhelp Foster Family Agency

Children First FFA

Children’s Hope FFA

Children’s Institute Inc.

Children’s Plus FFA

Children’s Way FFA

Chrysalis House, Inc.


Covenant Community Services

Creative Solutions for Kids & Families FFA

Dangerfield Institute of Urban Problems

Daybreak Foster Family Agency

Door to Hope

Eggleston Family Services

EMQ – Families First

Environmental Alternatives

Evelyn S. Cox FFA

Exchanging Hands FFA

Extraordinary Families

Families Uniting Families

Family Builders Foster Care, Inc.

Family Health & Support Network

Family Life Foundation, Inc.

Family Linkage

Fred Jefferson Memorial  FFA

Free to Be Programs

Future Families

Futuro Inafantil Hispano FFA

Golden State Family Services

Greater Hope Foundation for Children

Greenhouse Family Services

Guardians of Love FFA

Hathaway-Sycamores CFS

Harmony Homes FFA

Heartsent Adoptions

HELPS Foster Family Agency

Hillcrest Springs FFA

Home At Kast, Inc.

Homeward Society FFA

Hosanna Pathways


Indian Child and Family Services

Indigenous Peoples FFA


Indigenous Peoples FFA

Inner Circle Foster Care & Adoption

Interim Care FFA

International Christian Adoptions

Jay Nolan Community Services

Kair In-Home Social Services, Inc.

Kamali’ FFA

Karing 4 Kids FFA

Kern Bridges Youth Homes

Kids Kasa Foster Care, Inc.

Knotts Foster Family Agency

Koinonia Family Services

Krista Foster Homes

KYJO Enterprises FFA

Legacy Family Services

Lifecare Coalition Outreach FFA

Lilliput Children Services

Litehouse Children & Family Services

Masada Homes FFA

McKinley Children’s Center FFA

Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc

Mountain Counseling

Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services

New Dimensions

New Families, Inc.

New Horizons FFA

New Life Foster Family Agency

Nightlight Chritian Adoptions

Nuevo Amancer Latino Children’s Services

Olive Crest

On the Rise, Inc.

Open Line Foster Family Agency

Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services

Our Children’s Keeper FFA

Our Small World FFA

Pathway Family Services, Inc.


Parents By Choice

Penny Lane FFA

Positive Option Family Services

Positive Attitude Outlook FFA

Promesa Behavioral Health FFA

Proteus FFA

Rainbow Valley Foster Care

Safe Harbor Family Services

Secure Transitions

Seneca Family of Agencies

Serenity Infant Care Homes

Smiles and Tears CFS FFA

Sojourner Truth FFA

Special Families Foster Care

Specialized Care FFA

Spectrum Children’s Services

St. Francis Foster Family Agency

St. Vincent’s Foster Family Agency

Teens Happy Homes FFA

The Family Network FFA

There is Hope Foster Family Agency

TLC Child & Family Services

TJO Fowroe Haven Homes

Transitions Children’s Services

Trinity Foster Family Services of the Bay Area

United Connections FFA

Unity Care Group

Valley Teen Ranch FFA

V.B.R. Foster Family Agency

Vision Quest Children & Family Services

Vista Del Mar CFS

Welcome Home FFA

Westside Children’s Center

WynSpring Family ReSource Center

Youth & Family Programs