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The California Coalition of Foster Family Agencies (CCOFFA) was formed in 2006 with the intent of trying to create resource parent rights legislation, as well as becoming involved to improve the foster care industry as a whole.  We are basically a statewide, grassroots informational resource and political action committee (when needed) committed to improving foster care, developing a stronger working relationship between the FFAs and CCL, supporting quality foster care for children, and creating as normalized a home environment as possible for the children in care in resource homes.

We have no fees or dues, we don’t try to tell anyone how to run their agencies, and we do our best to keep all FFAs informed of issues that can impact our industry whether they become members of CCOFFA or not.

Whenever possible, CCOFFA works directly with Community Care Licensing to address concerns FFAs have with CCL and works to improve the relationship between CCL and the FFAs.   When trying to make legislative changes at the Capitol, the two things that work most effectively are money and enough votes to impact an election.  As you know,  FFAs have neither.  So, our best tool for influencing the Capitol is to form a coalition of FFAs to have a stronger voice.

CCOFFA currently has 129 member FFAs (approximately 61% of the industry)  and since its creation, CCOFFA has sponsored 4 pieces of legislation, although none became law.


To become a member of CCOFFA, all you have to do is contact us by using the comments box below, give us the name of your agency and express your interest in becoming a CCOFFA member and you will have completed our exhaustive application process.   FYI, CCOFFA never shares or sells the contact information of its members, nor are we reimbursed in any way when information regarding resources is shared.

PLEASE NOTE: CCOFFA is strictly a coalition of Foster Family Agencies.  We are NOT a public service, non-profit entity.

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